About Mass Communication

Mass communication is basically referred collectively to the academic study of various means of communications by which one addresses a huge population or huge number of audience or entity relaying information to a huge lot of population at once through mass media. It is basically the study of various types of communication that can be made with a mass through mass media. On the other hand, mass media is the medium by which the communication is made with the mass or by which the information is relayed to a large segment of audience.

Importance of Mass Communication Course:

Therefore, Mass communication courses are of wide importance. It contains almost all the ways to communicate with mass. It is a highly sophisticated subject, as when you are dealing with a huge number of people, you need to be very careful about the way you are addressing them. There are wide varieties of people you deal with at once; hence the approach should be very fine. This is why the mass communication courses are of prime importance. They include the ways to communicate as well as the ways to relay the information to the mass in the best possible way.

A mass communication course includes study of mass media. Few examples of mass media are newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio and television, etc. These are few of the mediums by which information can be communicated to a huge lot of audiences. Mass communication courses are very important in countries like India where the mass is highly sensitive about the approach and delivery of the information.


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